How to choose a USSSA Baseball Bat Drop

Learn how to decide which bat drop is right for your swing in USSSA play.


What is Bat Drop?


Louisville Slugger USSSA Baseball Bats are available in several weight drops – the difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces. The Meta® One (-12) features a drop 12 bat drop, Louisville Slugger’s largest bat drop among USSSA bats. The Louisville Slugger Meta and Solo are available in drop 5 bat drops, the smallest weight drop among USSSA bats. Between these extremes, USSSA Baseball Bats are also available in drop 10 and drop 8 bat drops.

According to USSSA guidelines, all 13U players must swing a bat no lighter than a drop 8 bat drop, and all 14U players must swing a bat no lighter than a drop 5 bat drop.

While restrictions are in place to limit which bats players can swing, there remain several options for USSSA players to choose from. Not sure how to decide which weight drop will best suit your swing? Louisville Slugger engineers have answers.


Drop 5 USSSA Baseball Bats


Which players should swing drop 5 USSSA bats? These bats, the heaviest in the USSSA lineup, are designed to help older travel ball players prepare for BBCOR play. For young teenagers, typically 12-14 years old, looking down the road to high school baseball tryouts, drop 5 USSSA bats are often the best fit.

“It helps players get used to a heavier swing weight, which is important before going to a drop 3 BBCOR bat,” said Ryan Stevens, Louisville Slugger’s Senior Technical Specialist. “It helps strengthen swing speed, which also allows kids to have more power at the high school level.”

Drop 5 USSSA bats are much heavier than their drop 8 and drop 10 bat drop counterparts. These bats, like the Meta (-5) and Solo (-5), can also have lots of pop, allowing stronger players to hit for extra bases. Check out Louisville Slugger's USSSA lineup for the best drop 5 bats. 

Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats


What type of players should swing drop 8 USSSA bats? These bats, a happy medium between the heavier-swinging drop 5 bats and lighter drop 10 bats, are common across the travel ball circuit. Advanced travel ball players often prefer drop 8 bats in USSSA play because they offer huge sweet spots while remaining forgiving on mis-hits.

“Drop 8 bats tend to have a bit more weight to them, helping with mass transfer on contact,” Stevens said. “These bats carry more barrel than drop 10 bats, so if you are strong enough to move up to a drop 8, it’s highly recommended.”

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta and Solo are available in drop 8 bat drops. 

Drop 10 USSSA Baseball Bats



Who should swing drop 10 USSSA bats? Typically, these bats are best for the youngest travel ball players. With light, balanced swing weights, these bats offer 8–12-year-old players a chance to find their swing.

“Drop 10 USSSA users are looking for a balanced model that gives them the best chance to succeed at their level of play,” Stevens said. “Drop 10 bats give players the ultimate control throughout the zone and a generous sweet spot.”

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta, Solo and Solo Junior Big Barrel are available in drop 10 bat drops.

Drop 12 USSSA Baseball Bats



The lightest of all USSSA bats, drop 12 bats are designed for the youngest players in travel ball. Built for young players in search of a lightweight feel, these bats are best for rising stars who are looking to maximize barrel control.

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta One is available in a drop 12 bat drop.

Looking for more information about USSSA baseball bats? Check out the full guide to Louisville Slugger’s 2022 USSSA baseball bat lineup.