Meet Meta & Meta PWR – Leaders of Composite BBCOR Performance

Check out the differences between the 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta and Meta PWR BBCOR Bats.


Designed for dominance on the high school and college baseball circuits, the 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR and Meta PWR BBCOR Baseball Bats are back for more. But what’s the difference between these three-piece composite sticks? The short version? Louisville Slugger engineers meticulously crafted these designs to suit completely different types of players. While the Meta’s light swing weight delivers consistent performance for contact hitters, Meta PWR’s stiff feel and heavier swing weight allow power hitters to drive the ball for extra bases.

EKO Composite Barrel


Both the Meta and Meta PWR feature barrels designed with Louisville Slugger’s ultra-strong EKO Composite material, but intentional differences in weight distribution ensure the bats have distinct swing weights.

The Meta, known for its ultralight feel and easy-swinging design, features a barrel with a more balanced swing weight. The Meta PWR, with weight shifted more toward the end of the barrel, offers a heavier swing weight preferred by stronger high school and college players. James Earley, Louisville Slugger’s Director of Innovation, said engineers wanted to build a composite barrel that would perform at a high level from its very first swing.

“EKO Composite is our patented barrel design which utilizes aerospace-grade carbon fiber,” Earley said. “It is built so that is has maximum performance out of the wrapper.”


To generate elite performance right away, Louisville Slugger engineers crafted the EKO Composite barrel by stacking individual layers of composite material on top of one another. Each new layer is stacked slightly offset the preceding layer, leading to incredible strength and a potent final product. The extreme consistency of the EKO Composite barrel creates a unique sound on contact – music to a batter’s ears.

3FX Connection


A stiff 3FX™ Connection system pairs the EKO Composite Barrel to a composite handle on both the Meta and the Meta PWR. The connection system creates a stiff feel through the swing while curtailing harsh vibrations.

“Players kept asking for a stiff connection with little to no vibration,” Earley said. “That is what the 3FX Connection delivers.”

For elite power hitters, the connection on the Meta PWR is even stiffer than that of the Meta. Stronger players and elite college hitters may gravitate to the 2022 Meta PWR, a bat that mirrors the feel of wood.


GT1 End Cap

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta and Meta PWR are equipped with a premium GT1™ End Cap. The low-profile design of this end cap pairs perfectly with the EKO Composite Barrel to maximize barrel length and optimize performance. The expanded barrel profile and elongated sweet spot gives hitters a greater chance of squaring up each pitch.


Louisville Slugger wrapped up the 2022 Meta and Meta PWR BBCOR Bats with the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™. The unmatched tack and cushion allow elite hitters to swing with confidence during each trip to the plate. With incredible performance from day one, a monstrous sweet spot and a stiff but forgiving feel, the 2022 Meta BBCOR Bat and 2022 Meta PWR BBCOR Bat deliver the consistent output that elite high school and college players crave.