Meet Select PWR – the BBCOR Bat for Tape-Measure Blasts

See the technology that players love in the 2022 Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR Baseball Bat.



Designed for massive power output on high school and college baseball diamonds, the 2022 Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR Baseball Bat is taking on 2022 with even more energy. With its herculean EXD™ Alloy barrel, insanely large sweet spot and stiff feel, this hybrid beast delivers electrifying exit velocities. What sets the 2022 Select PWR apart from other BBCOR baseball bats? Take a closer look at the components that power this boomstick.



High school and college players love the Select PWR for its massive sweet spot and performance – products of its EXD™ Premium Alloy Barrel. Thanks to its flat PWR™ End Cap, a durable component installed flush with the end of the barrel, the Select PWR offers an extra ½” of barrel length compared to other BBCOR bats. Due to its increased margin for error, players can generate solid contact more frequently with the Select PWR.


Louisville Slugger first introduced the Select baseball bat in 2016. Three years later, engineers in Louisville shifted barrel weight in the Select to create a heavier swing, resulting in the first Select PWR baseball bat. Preferred by strong BBCOR players, Select PWR maximizes power output to produce extra-base hits and home runs.

“The Select PWR is great for all types of BBCOR players,” said Ryan Stevens, Louisville Slugger’s Senior Technical Specialist. “With a slight end load, we do see this bat a lot at the college and upper high school level.”



A three-piece hybrid BBCOR bat, the Select PWR offers the strength and durability of alloy along with best-in-class responsiveness and feel. The signature 3FX-PWR™ Connection system mitigates vibration between the EXD™ Premium Alloy Barrel and the handle, resulting in reduced hand sting and positive feedback on contact up and down the barrel. With a best-in-BBCOR feel, Select PWR allows players to take confident hacks at the highest levels of play.

“The 3FX-PWR™ connection system gives you the feel of a one-piece through the zone coupled with the feel of a two-piece on mishits,” Stevens said.

To make the Select PWR even more comfortable, a Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ is wrapped around the handle. Designed to give players the perfect amount of tack and cushion, this signature Louisville Slugger bat grip improves feel and bat control on every swing.


For unmatched performance and a look that’s all your own, custom craft your Select PWR for just $50 more at Choose from more than a dozen colors, add personalized text to the barrel and make sure all eyes are on you next time you step up to the plate.