Why USA Softball Stars Love the Louisville Slugger LXT

Learn why Aubree Munro, Delaney Spaulding and Kelsey Stewart Love the Louisville Slugger LXT


Softball’s biggest international competition is just around the corner, and the Louisville Slugger bat preferred a trio of USA Softball standouts is breaking out an exclusive, limited edition design to celebrate the Americans.

The Limited Edition 2021 LXT Fastpitch Bat brings a patriotic red, white and blue colorway to the dish, with a little bit of gold sprinkled in as a reminder of the ultimate goal. Three USA stars, Aubree Munro, Delaney Spaulding and Kelsey Stewart, keep coming back to the LXT because of its balanced feel, high level of pop and easy-swinging profile. Over the years, Louisville Slugger has worked with the pros to perfect the entire fastpitch bat lineup, including the LXT.

“You guys have taken all of our feedback on the LXTs and just how to make it better, how to make it hotter,” Munro said. “It’s been really cool to kind of collaborate on that stuff and give you guys the feedback, and each year it comes back better.”

The 2021 LXT fastpitch bat features a host of advanced technologies designed to maximize performance, and this limited edition patriotic model is no different. The Single-Disc PBF Speed Composite Barrel delivers maximum pop and a massive sweet spot while offering a balanced swing weight and extreme barrel control. Spaulding says she loves the LXT for its balanced swing, which allows her to barrel up more pitches.

“When I get some swings on it, it definitely is just effortless,” Spaulding said. “That’s a really good feeling as an athlete, when you feel like you don’t have to do too much, especially in the box. I think that’s definitely what gets me back to the LXT every single time.”

Munro, much like Spaulding, prefers a balanced swing weight in the batter’s box. The catcher and California native said the LXT offers an “even” feel through the swing, adding, “I think that’s probably the biggest factor that made me like the LXT.”

Stewart lauded the bat for its responsiveness on contact. Built with an updated VCX2 Connection System, the LXT is designed to reduce vibration and direct energy where it belongs — the heart of the barrel.

“I love how easy it feels off the bat when you hit the ball,” Stewart said. “The trampoline effect is probably the best part of it, where you just touch (the ball) and it goes.”

Custom Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Bats

Munro, Spaulding and Stewart all designed multiple custom LXT fastpitch bats for the summer of 2021. One of Munro’s custom crafted LXT bats features an olive barrel, and another features cherry red, white and blue.

“Every year I do something that’s red, white and blue,” Munro said. “I mean, how long do I get to play for Team USA, so let’s just get all the red, white and blue everything.”

Spaulding also decided to build a custom bat with an olive barrel, and she further customized her LXT with white logos and gold accents. The gold, she said, is a reminder of the team’s championship aspirations.

“It was just super random. I saw it when I was designing, and I just really liked the color,” Spaulding said of the olive finish. “This one is definitely my favorite, and I will probably be using this one in the Olympics.”

Stewart designed her custom LXT with a patriotic colorway, making blue the primary color from knob to end cap. The infielder had “Eagles” engraved in the barrel, highlighting USA softball’s mascot.

“As everyone knows, I like to be different,” Stewart said. “I did a blue-out LXT, so it’s a blue handle, blue barrel and then there’s some red in it. That’s my favorite one right now.”

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