Behind the Swing Speed and Performance of LXT

Learn how the 2021 LXT, a bat favored by the game’s best, maximizes swing speed and performance.


It’s the fastpitch bat crafted for the game’s biggest moments.

The 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT is hot from the very first swing out of the box, and the latest model is re-engineered with advanced technology to deliver the perfect combination of swing speed and performance. James Earley, Director of Innovation at Louisville Slugger, said players of all ages can swing the LXT at the plate.

“Players love the versatility of the LXT, whether it be the massive sweet spot or first-in-class feel,” Earley said. “LXT is a quality bat for all age groups from college to youth.”

The LXT’s Single-Disc PBF™ Speed Composite barrel is built for an ultra-balanced swing and it pairs with the COPA™ Performance End Cap to deliver a large, responsive sweet spot. The VCX2™ Vibration Control Connection System provides unmatched feel on contact, so there’s no doubt when you put a good swing on the ball.



The game’s best, including USA Softball stars Kelsey Stewart, Aubree Munro and Delaney Spaulding, all swing the LXT against elite pitching. Take your LXT to the next level with custom colors and personalized text at For just $50 more than the inline model, hitters can customize their 2021 LXT any way they want.