Meet the 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Bat

Learn about the Performance Composite Barrel, two-piece construction and all the tech behind a Louisville Slugger mainstay.


The Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch bat, first introduced in 2011, has become a mainstay in the game thanks to its Performance Composite Barrel, stiff two-piece construction and consistent durability – attributes that once again take center stage in the 2022 model.

“Xeno is designed for all levels of players,” said Ryan Stevens, Louisville Slugger’s Senior Technical Specialist. “The price point attracts the beginners, and the stiffness of the connection attracts the highest level of players.”

Thanks to its consistency and performance, the Xeno has evolved into an anchor of the Louisville Slugger fastpitch lineup. Players ranging from beginners to top college talent flock to Xeno year after year, relying on its steadiness over the last decade.


Performance Composite Barrel of Xeno

The 2022 Xeno Fastpitch Bat returns its signature Performance Composite Barrel, an iconic design known for its ultra-long profile and massive sweet spot. For players in search of a bat that will perform from its first swing, Xeno delivers with Louisville Slugger’s patented Dual-Disc S1ID™ barrel technology.

“Players love that the Performance Composite Barrel is hot out of the wrapper and provides low barrel compression for maximum performance at all swing speeds,” said James Earley, Louisville Slugger’s Director of Innovation.

Strong power hitters in the college ranks love Xeno’s Performance Composite Barrel for its heavier swing weight and loud sound on contact. When you put a charge into a ball with Xeno, everyone will know right away.


Two-Piece Construction of Xeno

Long appreciated by older players in advanced high school and college ranks, the stiff swing of Xeno is designed to deliver maximum energy transfer on contact. The two-piece design with Louisville Slugger’s iST Technology allows stronger players to maximize their bat speed and barrel control through the zone, leading to devastating contact.

“Players love that the iST connection provides a stiffer feel while still controlling vibration on mis-hits,” Earley said. “The stiffer connection helps players transfer the maximum amount of power to the ball.”


X-Cap End Cap of Xeno

The finishing touch on the 2022 Xeno is an innovative X-Cap end cap. It joins forces with Xeno’s Performance Composite Barrel to maximize energy transfer, and its lightweight construction optimizes the bat’s swing weight.

“The X-Cap is lightweight and give players the opportunity to accelerate through the ball faster,” Stevens said.

Xeno is available exclusively on in (-11), (-10), (-9) and (-8) weight drops. Within each weight drop, Louisville Slugger engineers crafted Xeno in several distinct lengths, so there is a 2022 Xeno for every type of swing.